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Equinox makes it easy for sellers and buyers everywhere on the globe to get in touch with each other through their website. This team also provides invention presentation videos, patent license agreements, patent value estimates, information on royalties and much more. Patents are complex, so make sure to ask help from our experts if you have any questions.

Patents – a Formidable Commercial Tool

Patents are an intellectual property right. They are granted, under specific conditions, for a new invention or the improvement of an existing invention. A patent is only valid in the country where it was issued and has a 20 year duration. Only the owner of a patented intellectual property can make use of this invention. This intangible asset can also benefit the owners financially by selling licenses, selling their patent or using it to negotiate financing at the bank.

For more information about patents, please read this article from the World Intellectual property Organization.



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ice eater

Ice Eater: an Effective Way of De-icing Streets and Sidewalks

Equinox is proud to represent local innovative talents!

Until now, there existed no machine capable of breaking the ice and immediately turning it into snow without damaging the pavement. Discover this surprising invention in action by watching these videos.

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