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Latest news related to intellectual property and the COVID-19 virus | Equinox

Dear client,

For informational purposes, you will find in our EQUINOX-PI (IP) Facebook group a Canadian patent application and a United States patent which address a highly topical topic - the coronavirus.

  • The Canadian patent application filed by the PASTEUR INSTITUTE, published in 2008 and now owned by HONG-KONG PASTEUR RESEARCH CENTRE (China), highlights the use of proteins to treat and/or prevent infections caused by a coronavirus.
  • The United States patent, granted in 2018 to THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (UK), claims the use of live, attenuated mutated coronavirus as a vaccine to treat or prevent infectious respiratory diseases such bronchitis.


These are but two examples of IP from groups that recognized the importance of developing therapeutics to address infections caused by coronavirus.


Could it be that within these two pieces of IP there lies a treatment for the current COVID-19 coronavirus?


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