Appointment of Francis Lacombe as president of Technostrobe.

We are pleased to share with you the appointment of Francis Lacombe as president of the firm Technostrobe, for which we filed and registered the trademark TECHNOSTOBE ® in 2001 in the Canadian Trademark Register.

Good news!

We are honored to work, for twenty years already, with the company which is recognized as the leader in the manufacture of luminous beacons for air and maritime navigation.

A great story of daring, innovation and know-how, which, moreover, represent Technostrobe's three fundamental values.

Vice-president since 2008, Francis Lacombe succeeds founder Guy Buisson, who will retire in June 2021.

On behalf of the entire EQUINOX Intellectual Property team, congratulations and good continuity in the areas of wireless telecommunications and broadcasting, while pursuing your development in future niches such as offshore wind power .

Shirlee Biron B.A.A./ EQUINOX IP INC.
Intellectual Property Manager
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