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Au service des entreprises et des inventeurs à Montréal, au Québec, au Canada et à l’étranger

Une expertise soucieuse des budgets

Equinox représente une vaste sélection de clients, de petites et moyennes entreprises aux multinationales, d’inventeurs indépendants aux universités, de clients locaux aux firmes de PI étrangères. La firme de propriété intellectuelle canadienne Equinox offre ses services dans les différentes régions du Québec ainsi qu’à Toronto, Ottawa et dans l’Ouest canadien, et ceux des correspondants étrangers. Notre clientèle est composée majoritairement de compagnies manufacturières qui développent de nouveaux produits, de groupes de recherche et d’inventeurs indépendants. Notre clientèle apprécie non seulement notre expertise, mais aussi l’accessibilité et la prévisibilité des coûts de nos services. Appelez nos agents de brevets à Montréal pour obtenir de l’information supplémentaire.

Exemples de réalisations

(Brevets disponibles en anglais seulement)

1. In-ear device with selectable frequency response

2. 360-degree freedom electric cord device and system

3. Quasi-triangular in-ear device

4. Speed limiter system and method for a vehicle

5. Bone imagery segmentation method and apparatus

6. Deployment mechanism for a retractable roof system for a large building structure

7. Low cost hurricane and earthquake resistant house

8. Portable and disposable sanitary toilet seat cover

9. Liquid dispensing cover for container

10. Miniaturized receiver assembly for in-ear noise-isolating earphones

11. Load displacement apparatus

12. Adjustable canvas stretching assembly having adjustable stretching bars

13. Line art transfer freehand colouring

14. Vehicle height adjustment suspension device

15. Pulse modulation heating system and method

16. Dispenser for length material

17. Unmanned air vehicle

18. Building construction element

19. Fuel economy system and method for a vehicle

20. Apparatus for moving an object

21. Extendible shelter

22. Package stream indexer device

23. Automated order sequencing method and system

24. Steam humidifier

25. Assembly and frame for blading boot

26. Stackable insulated unit for wall construction and method of fabrication thereof

27. Block and connector system

28. Multi-level external window shutter

29. Rotary plant growing apparatus

30. Wheel spacer for reinforcing rods of cementitious structures

31. Building panel

32. Snow removal and deicing device for windshield wiper

33. Electromagnetic motor

34. Decorations with optic fibers

35. Adjusting device for a hand-held tool

36. Single-leg support

37. Auxiliary vacuum unit for a central vacuum cleaning system

38. Pressure controller device

39. Apparatus for destruction of organic pollutants

40. Log feed roll and flute attachment

41. Machine functioning on the principle of exploitation of centrifugal forces

42. Mounting for a side wing plough

43. Filing cabinet dolly

44. Storage rack column protector

45. Parasitic element for helical antenna

46. Speed control device

47. Staircase finishing plate arrangement

48. Traction aid device

49. Three-dimensional display form and blank

50. Motion detecting system for alarm device

51. Sliding sun visor

52. Order handling system

53. Isolated dual battery system

54. Portable electronic musical keyboard instrument

55. Stripping device for a press

56. Multiple liquid fuel lamp

57. Automated order mixing system

58. Sublimation pen for use in a dye sublimation printing system, and method of use of the dye sublimation printing system

59. Insert for cooler

60. Garment element with an access opening

61. Musical game

62. Process for manufacturing a headliner for the interior of an automobile and installation for use in the process

63. Linear generator apparatus

64. Angle-based method and device for protecting a rotating component

65. Electromagnetic bandgap device for antenna structures

66. Heat reclaim refrigeration system and method

67. Razor handle having an attachment structure

68. Aperture illumination control membrane

69. Manual log splitting device

70. Headgear with enclosure for an insect screen

71. Chocolate fountain apparatus with output port

72. Para-seismic support for pipes

73. System for attaching accessories to a vehicle's bodywork using clips

74. Watering device

75. Microbicidal air filter

76. Helical antenna

77. Positioning device for side wing

78. Composite building stud

79. Proportional valve

80. Seat for motor vehicle

81. Length adjustable composite stud

82. Electronic digital door opener

83. Antenna alignment system

84. Load tension alert device

85. Refrigeration defrost system

86. Retention device for rods and the like

87. Method and blank for providing a customizable decorative structure

88. Method and device for monitoring moisture content of an immersed solid dielectric material

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