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Protecting Your Trademarks in Canada and Abroad

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a word (or words), a design, or a combination of these, used to identify your goods or services. Your trademark helps your customers distinguish your products and services from others in the marketplace.

Equinox Provides Trademark Services to Protect Your Brand

  • Trademark analysis
  • Availability and registrability searches
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting trademark applications in Canada, the United States and internationally
  • Status verifications of trade-marks, trade names and domain names
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Trademark expungement proceedings
  • Legal opinions on infringement and validity
  • Monitoring of trademarks and domain names
  • Maintenance of registration validity
  • Verification of licenses or trademark franchise contracts
  • Registration of transfer or other changes
  • Registration and cancellation of trademark security interest (loan guarantee)
  • Registration of corresponding Internet domain names
  • Border enforcement of registered trademarks (where applicable)
  • Entry in the CIDREQ register
  • Management of trademark portfolios
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