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Equinox: Meeting Your Patent Needs in Canada and Abroad

How to Patent Your Invention in Canada and Abroad

The patent application process varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We have provided you with a general overview of the patent application process in Canada and the United States.

Patent Application Caanda Patent Application USA

Patent Services

Equinox offers the following services related to Canadian and foreign patents:

  • Prior art searches and patentability opinions
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications in Canada, the United States, Europe, at the international level (PCT) as well as over a hundred more countries
  • Searches and legal opinions regarding patent infringement, patent validity, designing around other patents, and freedom to operate products and methods in light of existing patents
  • Patent Strategies Monitoring of new technologies
  • Managing Patent Portfolios
  • Managing patent maintenance fees
  • Opposition and re-examination procedures
  • Providing expert testimonies during patent litigation
  • Drafting, reviewing and registering patent licensing agreements
  • Due diligence reviews

For more information on the companies that generate the most patents worldwide, check out this article published on Fortune.

Our Costs

  • Prior art searches and patentability opinions: Starting at $1,500
  • Drafting provisional patent application: Starting at $2,000
  • Filing per country: One starting at $1,500
  • Drafting formal patent application: One starting at $5,500

Fees above do not include foreign associate fees, applicable taxes and patent office fees. Fees may vary and are subject to foreign exchange rates.

For any additional information, please contact us.


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