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Discover François Delaney’s ingenious proposal about the retractable rooftop for the Olympic Stadium in Montreal

Equinox, the reference for patents in Canada and in the international sphere, provides services to a wide range of customers in the most diverse industries such as aerospace, biotechnology, aviation and industrial processes. In the following case study, we invite you to discover the ingenious proposal of François Delaney involving the new roof project for the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

History of the Olympic Stadium Roof and Future Plans

Following the major tearing down of the roof on the 18th January 1999, studies were conducted to replace the roof of the Olympic Stadium. The Olympic Installations Board has not yet decided whether they will issue an invitation to tender for a retractable roof. Neither have they chosen the type of materials that will be used to manufacture the new roof. To date, the roof has shown many tearing problems, forcing the shutdown of several of the city's profitable heritage events, and increasing the number and the cost of repairs.

Several solutions were presented to the Olympic Installations Board to overcome the deterioration of the current roof: fixed canvas, fixed rigid roof, retractable canvas, retractable rigid roof or the complete removal of the roof. In order to allow the stadium to reach its full potential, the government requests to know the advantages and disadvantages of each project while ensuring that each tender respects the original design of the stadium. Montreal will have to wait until 2019 to see a new roof for the Olympic Stadium.

The Retractable Roof, the Ingenious Invention of François Delaney

His invention: a stadium with solid roof that opens and closes in 20 minutes, regardless of weather conditions. Here is the mobile, astute and realistic solution François Delaney has presented to the Olympic Installations Board.

The new roof, 16 metres high, 175 metres long and 110 metres wide, consists of 2 huge semi-domes connected by a closure in the centre. The use of compressed air together with gravity, weight-cons and pistons allows for effective opening and closing of the two domes. The mechanics also features the installation of six gigantic new consoles which will be installed behind the bleachers. These consoles can support the entire weight of the roof, as well as an extra 6 000 tonnes.

The invention is not limited to the idea of a mobile roof that opens whenever needed or that relieves the weight on the old fragile domes of the stadium. The project of Francis Delaney encompasses several characteristics that maximize the potential of the building in terms of its structure and its capacity to host different types of events. It also reduces electrical power consumption, the amount of maintenance required, and much more, while respecting the original architecture of the stadium.

Equinox's Intervention in the Rooftop Proposal

Francois Delaney has worked with Equinox Protection for almost 15 years. About ten inventions have been patented for the proposal of the Olympic Stadium rooftop. The inventor chose our patent agency, based in Montreal, because of our high level of expertise in the aeronautics industry and in the various industrial processes involved. The information contained on this page accurately portrays the amount of qualified experience of the intellectual property experts at Equinox.

For any additional information concerning the invention of François Delaney or for information about our intellectual protection services, please contact your Equinox patent agent, based in Montreal.

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